Student Experience - Tackle the problems of the international student in Canada


Studying abroad is a rewarding and enriching experience for international students since it exposes them to diverse opportunities and experiences available that they may not have access to in their home country. However, it can be challenging and intimidating to adjust to a new social environment for students of all nationalities and backgrounds. They encounter challenges like adjusting to new foods, unfamiliar living circumstances, financial issues, balancing work, and study schedules, learning styles, or any challenges relating to language, culture, personal barriers, misunderstanding, and complications in communication with faculty and peers, which leads to mental health issues - stress, anxiety, and a sense of loneliness

To ensure a positive and successful study abroad experience, it is essential to provide support and resources to help them overcome these obstacles and help them adapt to their new surroundings. Below are few examples of what the solutions can look like. Students are encouraged to think outside the box while implementing or designing their solutions.

Possible Solutions

Data Trust for Networking

Develop a solution that create data trust platform that enables secure and ethical data sharing within a trusted network. Building trust online requires a combination of technology, policies, and practices that can help establish a secure and transparent environment for online interactions.

Driving Companion

Develop a solution that provides details on the various driving levels, driving centers, required documentation and interacting visual aids, to assist individuals in preparing for their driving tests..

Campus Coverage HealthCare Locator

Develop a solution that helps students to look up nearby medical and dental centers that accept college insurance.

Student Finance Tracker

Develop a solution that enables one to keep track of earnings and spending, establish financial goals and obtain budgeting guidance.


Develop a solution that supports students as a guide and provides content that explains the factors that affect credit scores, provides tips for improving credit scores, and teaches individuals how to manage their credit effectively.

Transition Ease

Develop a solution with a chatbot or online forum or customer support service features that helps to assist newcomer students to complete their initial tasks (opening a bank account, obtaining a SIN number, getting a SIM card, getting a presto card) which help to streamline the transition process.


Develop a solution that helps students to connect with mentors and coaches in their study related field and provides information regarding upcoming career fairs and job expos and tips related to professional resume and cover letter.

Accommodation Hunt

Develop a solution that offers advice on finding affordable housing options without considering your credit score.


Develop a solution that helps students to manage stress and anxiety by providing a list of mental health resources - counselling services, support groups and crisis hotlines, etc.


Develop a solution that helps students connect with financial institutions or lenders that offer student loans and provide support in case of financial hardship.


Develop a solution that helps students with self-awareness sessions by providing resources for learning about Canadian culture and customs.

Academic Support

Develop a solution that helps students to connect with academic advisors and tutors for getting academic support.

Blind Screening

Develop solutions for employers to help them eliminate biases in the screening process to promote a more fair and equitable hiring process.

Global Work Experience

Develop a solution that helps to search and apply for co-op and internship opportunities across Canada and access resources on job search strategies and Canadian workplace culture.

Credential Check

Develop a solution that translates foreign qualifications to Canadian equivalents and provides relevant resources and information.

These are just a possible solution that is related to the problem faced by international students in daily life. Hence, solutions can be based on the following challenge sets or students can develop their own solutions, which must be relevant to the problems/issues commonly faced by international students.