Simplifing And Digitizing Post-mortem Data Collection and Sharing Process


The goal of this challenge is to develop a digital native secure, reliable, and legally compliant solution that identifies the appropriate parties to confirm a person's death and allows the designated trustee to begin processing the deceased person's will, assets, ids and digital ids.

The solution should ensure a secure and reliable method for accessing this data from the relevant sources and assure them of the privacy and security throughout the entire procedure. Upon obtaining the necessary data, the solution should seamlessly notify the designated trustee, enabling them to process the person's will, estate, ids & digital ids.

Expected Solutions

Identify Relevant Parties & stakeholders

Research and identify the appropriate parties to contact for obtaining information to confirm a person's death and legally allow the trustee to begin processing their will and assets. This may include local municipalities, funeral homes, coroners, etc.

Data Access Authorization

Develop a process for obtaining authorization from the relevant parties to access the required data, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Secure Data Acquisition

Design a secure system that can efficiently collect the necessary information from the identified parties, verifying the deceased person's identity and ensuring secure communication.

Implement encryption and other security measures to protect data during transmission and storage, assuring the relevant parties of the solution's reliability and security.

Trustee Notification

Design a mechanism to seamlessly notify the designated trustee upon obtaining the required information, enabling them to start processing the deceased person's will and assets.